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“I made the choice to come to Ruth’s Cottage on a whim. He had left for work and I honestly wanted to commit suicide, but instead, I got on Google and researched shelters.”

– Twanna Clay

“I came to a place called Ruth’s Cottage. And it’s programmed in my phone under “God’s Plan.” Ruth’s Cottage is a shelter for domestic violence families with kids. They do more than just provide shelter…”

– Rekial Holloway
Priscilla v.

Thank you to all at Ruth’s Cottage. For me, my time here has been precious and I appreciate all the things that were done to help me. I feel happy and I will miss you all.

Again, thank you everyone! May God bless you all!

Brianna E.

The helped I received exceeded my expectations.

I can’t say enough how wonderful the staff is and has been since we’ve been here. I sincerely thank them for a life changing experience.

Sandra A.

Everything was perfect and on-time. Everyone was outstanding and always available when I needed anything.

Tracy C.

Everyone was very supportive and helpful.

Peri p.

It was more than expected and everyone went above and beyond. Everything was comforting.

Liliana l.

I felt very safe and comfortable. Everyone was very helpful and I’m grateful for my experience here.

Crystal D.

The staff were the best. I am so thankful for them. I wish I could just put them in my bag so they could hold my hand through this until everything is OK.

SHantel W.

I appreciate having the time to find myself. The staff was awesome!


I feel the staff went beyond. I never had a day that I felt uncomfortable.