Teen Dating Violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Dating violence is a pattern of repeated abuse, or threats of abuse, that physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally harms a member of an unmarried heterosexual or homosexual couple. This typically includes the intentional use of coercive tactics to take and maintain control over an intimate. Any type of abuse in a relationship makes it unhealthy.

Victims are more likely to…

  • become depressed and/or anxious
  • use drugs and/or alcohol
  • become suicidal
  • be in abusive relationships in the future



Of young people are victims of dating violence


Of young people experiencing dating violence attempt suicide


Report it is difficult to identify dating violence


Of girls continue to date their abuser

1 in 3

adolescents is a victim of dating violence

1 in 10

high school students have experienced dating violence

1 in 5

girls who presented a breakup were threatened with violence

1 in 3

teen who were in an abusive relationship never told anyone

What are the Signs?

The signs of Teen Dating Violence include:

  • Loss of temper more easily than necessary
  • Isolation from friends/family and jealously when you talk to other people
  • Making all the decisions and doesn’t take you seriously
  • Makes you feel that you must censor your thoughts and feelings when you are together so they don’t get angry
  • Physically hurt you or threaten to hurt you