“God’s Plan”

Being diagnosed with any stage of cancer, can be very scary and confusing. You’re going to experience every stage of grief, most likely. Eleven months after being diagnosed, I was still stuck in denial. I didn’t even want to take my treatment medicine. Then, I am a mother with kids, and my youngest child is currently three years old. On top of this, I was experiencing domestic violence issues with my husband/spouse of 16 years.

So, here I am. My mind and emotions all over the place. But no mater what emotion I felt, I had a fight and strength in me that wouldn’t let me give up.

So, I came to a place called Ruth’s Cottage. And it’s programmed in my phone under “God’s Plan.” Ruth’s Cottage is a shelter for domestic violence families with kids. They do more than just provide shelter, they provide clothing, food, daycare, housing, etc. The staff also shows you and your family genuine, real love and support. They pray with you, and they pray for you. The office manager or someone else will even advocate and go to the doctor with you, and be by your side the entire visit. The staff at Ruth’s Cottage helped get me signed up for “palliative care.” They make sure I’m taking care of myself and taking my meds. Today (May 29th, 2020), the office manager was even by my side when I was told I was in Remission.

I say all that to say this: No matter what you’re told in life, don’t let that determine your life. In order to push forward in any situation, you have to believe in God and yourself. You have to see your worth, potential and utilize the strength that God gave you. Trust me, it’s not going to be easy at first. But, with the love, support and prayers from Ruth’s Cottage; they helped me push myself. I’m not lucky; I’m blessed to have a team by my side that will never leave or fold.

Who am I?

I’m Rekial Holloway. Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor, now in Remission.

Rekial Holloway

May 29th, 2020