Shelter Manager

General Job Description

Employed by and supervised by the Assistant Director, the Shelter Manager is responsible for supervising all aspects of service provision and managing the physical needs of the Shelter. This includes ensuring that all program services are being provided according to the Operational Policies and Procedures Manual (OPPM) and that each component of service provision is coordinated and equipped with the items necessary to operate efficiently. S/he will manage all of the in-shelter staff directly. The Shelter Manager will perform regular assessments of the Shelter's needs including physical supplies, maintenance, food items, as well as identifying gaps and obstacles in service provision. The Shelter Manager is responsible for making sure the physical building adheres to all standards for safety and certification by the CJCC, identified in the OPPM, and is a positive and welcoming environment. S/he will be responsible for reporting any repairs/needs to the Executive Director and following up to ensure that all issues are met.

The Shelter Manager will be the point of contact for residents and staff of the Shelter. As such, s/he will possess continual understanding of all of the policies, procedures, and services of the Shelter. S/he will oversee/manage the intake of new residents according to guidelines of the OPPM. S/he will oversee the maintenance of accurate records of residents and their conditions, monitor their progress and length of stay, and help to coordinate the resident’s exit strategies. S/he will refer and oversee the referral of residents to the appropriate services as needed, and make sure that staff needs are met for performance of their duties. S/he will be responsible for training of new employees and ensuring continued training during employees’ time of service. The Shelter Manager will be the Shelter's contact point for all persons outside of the Shelter with whom the Shelter deals, including children's school representatives, trainers, etc., as well as the community representative at meetings, events and other activities as invited.

Finally, the Shelter Manager will serve as the link between the Shelter Program and the Assistant Director of Ruth’s Cottage and The Patticake House. S/he will work closely with the Assistant Director to ensure that Shelter needs are being met and that implementation matches the object of client care. The Shelter Manager reports to the Assistant Director. As Shelter Manager, s/he will be part of the Management Team of RCPCH which includes the Executive Director, Assistant Director, CAC Manager, and Senior Legal Advocate and expected to attend management meetings and be a leader in the organization.

Qualifications for Position

  • High school education required. Bachelor’s degree preferred but experience in management and supervision equally valued.
  • Experience working in programs focused on domestic abuse or human services preferred.
  • Management skills necessary to conduct financial, personnel and administrative duties of the shelter.
  • Managerial, organizational and leadership skills combined with ability to handle emergencies with calm and authority.
  • Knowledge of human behavior, specifically of those who have been traumatized, and ability to work respectfully with all populations.
  • Supervision skills and practical common sense regarding issues related to a communal living environment.
  • Ability to follow protocol and make critical decisions independently.
  • Computer skills along with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Speaking in front of a group and leading small group meetings is essential.
  • Experience assessing program needs and planning strategies to meet those needs with research efforts and creativity.
  • Experience with program reporting and ability to maintain reporting systems and monitor program goals.
  • High initiative and ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask and ability to complete tasks in a professional and timely manner.
  • Considerable knowledge of community resources and services available to children and families.
  • Understanding of trauma based care dynamics and appreciation of the safety risks associated with working in a DV prevention environment.
  • Strong concept of development and program implementation
  • Acceptance of those of diverse backgrounds, race, sexual orientations, religions, etc. and ability to work respectfully with all staff, residents and community at large.
  • Sensitivity to the challenges and problems faced by those who come seeking safety at the Shelter and ability to interact appropriately with them.
  • Ability to work effectively in an often fast-paced and dynamic environment and to handle disturbances and confrontations with confidence and expediency.
  • Commitment to the confidentiality of the Shelter location and those served.
  • Commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all those seeking refuge and assistance at the Shelter.
  • Commitment to the adherence to all policies and standards of Tift Judicial Circuit Shelter, Inc. DBA Ruth’s Cottage and The Patticake House.
  • Valid GA Drivers License.
  • A physcial exam, drug screening and criminal record check are required prior to shift work. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise the day-to-day operations of the Shelter.
  • Manage all in-shelter staff.
  • Oversee the design of communal activities for Shelter residents.
  • Serve as a contact for residents regarding any of their needs within the Shelter.
  • Refer residents and/or oversee the referral of children to appropriate services according to their need.
  • Perform regular assessments regarding the physical needs (including food, office supplies, maintenance, etc.) of the Shelter and identify gaps and strengths in service provision.
  • Oversee all intake procedures.
  • Oversee that residents are coming and going to/from the Shelter according to procedures noted in the OPPM.
  • Maintain accurate and organized records of when women arrive, how long they have been in the Shelter, and how they are progressing.
  • Maintain timely and accurate records in software tracking program.
  • Help coordinate residents’ exit strategies.
  • Work with Assistant Director to review resident survey feedback and make strategic changes accordingly.
  • Work with the management team on outreach activities and planning to reach underserved populations.
  • Organize and maintain resources (educational and referral) regarding domestic violence and personal empowerment for residents.
  • Maintain clear and concise records of project activities and contacts both hard copy and in software tracking program.
  • Oversee the Crisis Intervention Hotline.

Other Responsibilites

  • Participate in extensive ongoing Domestic Abuse and Shelter Management training.
  • Submit monthly program reports that provide statistical information, prior month’s activities and future month’s plans and objectives.
  • Attend internal and external meetings as needed.
  • Network with other domestic violence programs.
  • Perform other Shelter tasks as needed, including those that arise unexpectedly.
  • Participate in RCPCH outreach events/activities.


Full Time Exempt with Benefits
Salary Range: $30,000 - $45,000

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For help in a domestic violence crisis
CALL 1.800.33.HAVEN - (800.334.2836) or the Local 24/7 Hotline at 229.388.1541

For help in a sexual assault situation:
CALL 1.800.656.HOPE - (800.656.4673) or the Local 24/7 Hotline at 229.388.1541

To make a confidential child abuse report CALL 1.855.422.4453
Please call 911 in emergency situations